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Decaf black tea coming soon in October 2023. 

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Got a question? We have answers!

How many servings of tea are in a packet?

Our 35g packets have around 20-30 servings each while our 70g packets have around 40-60 servings each. This all depends on how strong you like your cup of tea.

We encourage you to steep a few cups of tea or a teapot of tea from each serving of tea leaves. This enables you to make the most of your packets plus enjoy the meditative practice of brewing and rebrewing.

How is the tea decaffeinated?

Crane's teas undergo the carbon dioxide extraction method. We think it's the best way to extract caffeine while leaving the tea leaves as unaffected and pure as possible, saving just flavour, antioxidants, and happiness in the tea leaves. 

It's important to note that decaffeination is never going to remove 100% of the caffeine, but the aim is to get it as low as possible. Our teas at Crane Tea aim for under 2% of caffeine content per serving. 

Find out more about carbon dioxide extraction.

How should I brew my tea?

You generally want to steep green tea in water that has been heated to 80-85°C. Anything hotter may burn the tea leaves and give a more astringent taste.

On the other hand, black teas are more robust and can be steeped at 100°C.

If you want to get real fancy, you can even heat your mug or teapot with hot water first so that your tea doesn't cool down too quickly. And use a mug and/or teapot that makes you happy :)

But everyone's cup of tea is personal. Feel free to adjust the quantity, timing and temperature according to your strength preference.

What's the difference between green teas and black teas?

Green teas and black teas all come from the same plant: camellia sinensis.

The main difference is that black tea goes through an oxidation process while green tea doesn't. This gives each of them a different flavour profile. Green teas are usually lighter and grassier, while black teas are usually more robust and earthy.

Do you sell teabags?

Watch this space for future variations - including teabags for those lovers of convenience!

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