About Crane Tea

Crane Tea is here to bring authentic, boutique and organic decaffeinated and low-caffeine teas to the people.  

We're based in Australia and source our decaf teas from the birthplace of tea, China. 


The mission:

🍵 We care about where our teas comes from and their cultural context

🍵 We're looking for alternative ways to consume tea and slow down in this ultra-caffeinated world

🍵 We're fostering a community of the tea-lovers and the tea-curious


Hi, I'm Jane 💌

Portrait image of Jane

I love caffeine as much as the next person. But when I'm looking to slow down and enjoy the benefits and delight of a cup of tea without a caffeine hit driving up my anxiety or affecting my sleep, I'm reaching for a decaf. 

I'm a second generation Australian Chinese tea devotee and a strong believer in understanding where the products we consume originate from and their cultural context. That's why I've chosen to focus on beautiful Chinese teas, sourcing directly from the producers. 

I started Crane Tea to share, educate, and indulge. Join me!

Jane xo